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《DESIGN 設計》雙月刊

Published for more than 20 years, the said bimonthly is a periodical focused on the latest overseas and domestic design information. In earlier days it was published by Design Promotion Center under Taiwan External Trade Development Council, the forerunner of Taiwan Design Center. Taiwan Design Center took over the magazine in 2005 and made big changes on its layout. The magazine has further diversified contents of creative design in the new era of knowledge-based economy. Its layout is more lively and fashionable, with topics stressing professionalism and a closer link with everyday living. The magazine intends to upgrade Taiwanese design with aesthetic ideas and further increase its readership.

Taking “creativity, design, and branding” as its main contents , the magazine reports on the latest overseas and domestic development of design and market trends, touches on sizzling topics, and conducts research on brands. Its readers are mainly people in the industrial, academic, design, and other circles in Taiwan.

Supported by Taiwan Design Center and two overseas design centers in Düsseldorf, Germany and San Francisco, the U.S., the magazine has first-hand information of the latest domestic and overseas design information. It often dispatches correspondents overseas to collect information. It is a reputable design magazine in Taiwan.

The magazine is distributed to chain book stores, Internet-based books stores, and convenience stores in Taiwan. Its readers have a wide spread of age differences. They are all interested in living aesthetics, design competitiveness, and creative thinking.

The magazine intends to play a key role in Taiwan’s future economic development.

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