2011 IDA Congress

◎ About 2011 IDA Congress
After undergoing the process of application for more than one year, Taiwan finally came out the winner from 19 strong competitors all over the world to host 2011 IDA congress. The IDA Congress is the most long-lasting and authoritative international design event of the world held by International Design Alliance (IDA) which was established in 2007 and consisted of three international design societies, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid), the International Council of Graphic Design Association (Icograda), and the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI).

The 2011 IDA Congress would be the first time this international big event is to be held in Asia! The said congress is expected to attract 3,000 elite designers from 60 countries to take part. One million visiting times for the design expo is also expected. During the period of the said congress there will be economic benefits brought about by tourists. The congress is also the best international stage for Taiwan to enhance brand image and become an important center of innovative design in Asia. This is a great opportunity for Taiwan to fulfill its duty of a citizen of the world and interact with international community.

◎Theme─ Design at the Edges


Design is a reflection of technical, economical, social and cultural value. The meaning of design evolves with time. Design itself gradually emerges as the new international language.

The concept of “Design at the Edges” discusses the edge between design disciplines, especially communication, interior and industrial design; the edges between designers and non-designers, for the design practices and other fields having a stake in design, including: science, technology, government, business, non-governmental humanitarian organizations. In addition, “Design at the Edges” will also explore the “Cutting edge” concept and ideas in design and in other fields: radically new, controversial, experimental, pushing the boundaries of the discipline.

Design at the Edges refer to the boundary between design and non-design industry, the boundary between design disciplines and the limit that is challenged by visionaries. The inaugural IDA Congress will be defined as a design summit encouraging the dialogue between designers and non-designers.

◎ Main Events
The 2011 IDA Congress’s main events include IDA congress and general assembly, IDA young designers’ workshop, design tours and design parties. In addition to main activities, monthly theme activities and over 50 design-related activities will be authorized as activities of “Year of Design”.

Advisor:International Design Alliance, IDA
Organizers:Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taipei City Government
Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Education, National Palace Museum, Government Information Office (R.O.C), Council of Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
Executing Organizer:Taiwan Design Center

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